Nutanix provides a leading next-generation enterprise cloud platform that converges traditional silos of server, virtualisation and storage into one integrated solution that connects to public cloud services.

During my two months over there, I worked on their flagship product, Prism, an end-to-end management solution for IT administrators to centrally manage their entire hardware stack, including storage, compute and virtual machines (VMs), all from a single tab.


May 2021 to July 2021


UX, Research

To create a dashboard and redesign a section to give IT administrators more visibility into their entire IT ecosystem beyond just infrastructure.



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1. Research and Insights

Study of the product and carving out a problem space along with competitor analysis.

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2. Ideate

Brainstorming sessions with the design team, throwing ideas together on the experience and the design.

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3. Design

Paper sketches of the concepts and mid-fidelity designs are discussed with the developers to see if these ideas can be aligned with the product.

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4. Finalise

Converge onto the finer details, incorporating the Nutanix Design guidelines.



This was my first time working with an enterprise company, and the opportunity to spearhead my project from start to finish was refreshing.

I got to also co-create with other designers, and the developers from the team had a design-friendly approach. Coupled with handling the industry deadlines and working with people from different time zones, the internship proved to be an invaluable learning experience.

Every day, technology becomes a more integral part of our lives, and we have reached that point where you can monitor your blood oxygen levels from your wristwatches. This whole space is underused, and there’s much growth potential.

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Unfortunately, due to nondisclosure agreements with Nutanix, I cannot share further information about what I worked on. If you are interested in knowing more, do drop me an e-mail and we can get in touch.